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In Memory

Tom Randel

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06/21/21 06:01 PM #1    

Alan Beaulieu


06/21/21 06:17 PM #2    

Alan Beaulieu

Just wanted to say a few words about the Tom Randol tribute video i posted. Tom and i were lifelong friends since the 3rd grade.In High School we met Rick Westall and Bob Farkas. We all may as well be joined at the hip. When Tom moved to Florida in 84 we still managed to get together every few years. Tom was a top man in his profession. He was a VP at Sutter Roofing, one of the biggest in South Florida, they did malls, hotels, and Tropicana Field in St Pete. he later started his own co. Randol Roofing. For some reason Tom thought roofing was fun! and would do side jobs for his church and friends for no labor free! Tom was even a better father and husband, raised 2 boys and a girl and lost a son at birth. Spring break 2017 Tom and his wife Aimee came to New Mexico we toured Alb. Santa Fe and went skiing at Taos . On the way home, Tom felt something round and hard on his neck and it turned out to be an rare aggressive  cancer. Tom fought hard through brutal surgeries and treatments. But by Jan  6th 2018 our friend was gone. The above video we played at the funeral. His wife spoke and actually sang , it was stunning, her ability to keep her composure. I know alot of people have similar stories. I would just say. If you love somebody and are putting off seeing them...DONT ...just make it happen and leave it all on the field ! you will thank yourself someday!

06/22/21 05:59 AM #3    

Robert Pitcock


Thank you for sharing!! What a great tribute, by sharing you have given us all a little insight into who he was outside of school. It was great seeing you this past weekend, take care my friend!

06/22/21 10:04 AM #4    

Gerri Ramsey (Nagy)

Al, it's great that you had such a great friendship and bond. Those are hard to find and are what help make us who we are throughout our lives. I'm so sorry for your loss, but thankful you had that opportunity to experience such a great relationship with a true friend. Thank you for sharing. It was great to see you again, see you at the next one!

06/23/21 06:56 PM #5    

Alan Beaulieu

Thank you Rob and Gerri

 maybe next time we see each other i can tell you the stories not fit for print! lol. 

i could have went on for hours but wanted to summarize or noone would read it ! 

Tom was always the level headed one of our gang, he wasnt an angel but he was the one who would try to keep us from going over the edge!  

we didnt always listen to him, but he tried.

before we had vehicles in high school Tom would pick us up for school

sometime had to drag us out of bed, but he wouldn't give up on us!

he would have liked this reunion.

06/23/21 06:57 PM #6    

Alan Beaulieu

also, looking forward to seeing the both of you !

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